Pillsbury Challenge

In a stroke of good luck and generosity, I was recently gifted many of the Pillsbury Bake-Off cookbooks pictured above. I’m challenging myself to cook one recipe out of each of them, in order. Follow my recipes and adventures here!

More About the Pillsbury Challenge
Down East Crabmeat Pie (1953)
Maple Syrup Layer Cake (1954)
Egg Baskets
Banana Luncheon Bread (1951)
Cranberry Whirl Ham Dinner (1956)
Olive Cheese Nuggets (1957)
Sesame Peanut Drops (1960)
Potato Pan-Burger (1962)
Sweet Applets (1964)
Polynesian Buffet Chicken (1966)
Shrimp Sandwich Roll (1967)
Betty Browns (1968)
Tuna Salad Crescent Bake (1969)
Waldorf Salad Pie (1970)
Swiss Cheese Braids (1971)
One Step Boston Cream Pie (1972)
Ham ‘n Cheese Crescent Snacks (1974)
Souper Crescent Pizza (1975)
Maple Memory Cookies (1952)
Orange Bowl Coffee Cake (1965)
Hot Dog Fiesta (1976)
Yorkshire Burger (1958)
Orange Raisin Drop Cookies (1978)
Aloha Banana Bread (1961)