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Fish Soufflé

A Recipe from Westinghouse automatic Electric Range Book (195?) About the Recipe I’m so excited for this post – we have a guest chef in the house! My husband, Michael picked out this recipe to spear head for our supper this week… and promptly started to freak out. The word “soufflĂ©” while exciting at first,…Continue reading »

Old Fashioned Cake

A Recipe from Kamp Kookery (198?) About the Recipe I’m always hesitant when it comes to cooking recipes from the ’80s. It was not a great time in culinary history – low-fat, low-cal, low-sugar, no sugar – the list goes on. The good news is, this recipe is none of these things. I can imagine…Continue reading »

Apple Cinnamon Waffles

A Recipe from WAFFLES how to make ’em and take ’em (1938) About the Recipe Waffles are a special treat in my house. In a year, we’re lucky if we do waffles once. With this recipe – that might change. As recipes go, this one is a little bit more complicated than perhaps we’re used…Continue reading »

Avocado Crabmeat Salad

A Recipe from Ida Bailey Allen’s Time-Saving Cook Book (1940) About the Recipe I love a recipe that looks super fancy but was a snap to put together – and thankfully this is one! Full disclosure, I’ve never made proper Russian dressing before. My only exposure to Russian dressing was some mystery, chunky dressing that…Continue reading »

Herb Sour Cream Bread

A Recipe from Fleischmann’s Bake-it-easy Yeast Book (1972) About the Recipe I love a good no-knead bread! The flavor on this bread is so delightful. It’s slightly sweet and there are just enough herbs to give it a little kick. I used fresh marjoram and thyme and dried oregano. Full disclosure – I forgot the…Continue reading »

Pork Chop and Potato Hot Pot

A Recipe from Elephant Stew (1980) About the Recipe Oh my, where to start with this one… Usually when there’s a marked down corner in a cookbook it means one of two things: I have tried a recipe on this page and it is very good. I need to save this page for later. I…Continue reading »

Stewed Chicken and Drop Dumplings

A Recipe from 250 Ways to Prepare Poultry and Game Birds (1940) About the Recipe This recipe is super basic. Neither Becky nor I had ever had chicken and dumplings, so this was a little bit of a crap shoot, and we weren’t totally sure what we were aiming for, aside from this black and…Continue reading »

Potato Pancakes No. 2

A Recipe from Tempting Kosher Dishes from the B. Manichewitz Co. (1930) About the Recipe It’s wintertime holiday season, which means it’s time for some latkes! And who better to give Becky and I a perfect latke recipe, than the Manichewitz Company? This is a basic, excellent recipe and hit the latke craving spot just…Continue reading »

Molly Goldberg’s Noodle Cheese Casserole

A Recipe from The Golden Jubilee Recipe Book (1959) About the Recipe Growing up, my mother always brought the kugel to family gatherings. And it was always the same (delicious, let’s be real) kugel – noodles, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, pineapple. As I got older, I discovered that there were other kugels in the world, and…Continue reading »

Chicken Tetrazzini

A Recipe from Betty Crocker’s Dinner in a Dish Cookbook (1965) About the Recipe This is one of those recipes that all of a sudden starts to come together and smell amazing as you’re cooking it. It was so quick and simple (don’t let the roux scare you!) and super tasty and comforting on a…Continue reading »


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